Expressions from Community Leaders-

“CLS …met or exceeded target outcomes in working with high risk youth and their families.”- Allegheny County Department of Human Services

“Award for Excellence in Faith-Based Mentoring” — Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania

CLS “…a well managed community asset, serving unmet needs among underserved disenfranchised populations.”-Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE)

Ted Jones, Board Chairman Emeritus, gave the following testimony regarding his long term experience with Christian Life Skills-

The Early Years-
“I have been a part of Christian Life Skills for most of its 25 year history, starting in the late eighties. We were blessed with modest funds and did not waiver from our commitment to honor Jesus as Lord in all our training and counseling. He helps us succeed in life. This is the heart of the ministry where I have functioned in several capacities (board member, board secretary, and twice as board chair). God blessed us with skilled people performing the work God gave us. We had ministers, teachers, counselors, attorneys, engineers, administrators and other workers, available on a part time basis. We all gave financially to the ministry as did so many others that believed in what we were doing. I especially thank those givers that helped us during our early years. Many of you have stayed with us through the life of the ministry.”

Where We Are Now:
“We have determined that our ministry is needed far beyond our immediate area. Service to a wider population with a stronger curriculum for independent use by other ministries is our goal. We ask you to help us with the funding of this project. Many have tried to provide life skills for those in need, but none are as comprehensive and spiritually based as the CLS program. I would like to thank our many friends for their prayers, work in the ministry, and financial support. The ministry is successful because you partnered with us to help those in need.”